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- the simple way The entry into the professional mastering process is uncomplicated and can easily be done online. Simply upload the data to the server over a secure connection and download the finished master a few days or hours later via a downloadable link. Thereafter, your mastered mix is ready to be released! This nowadays common procedure of online processing alone is also known as eMastering or Online Mastering. Mastering Process: 1. Upload Mix and give information, visions or references 2. After the analyses of the mix, the mastering is started or you will receive information with suggestions for improvement 3. Now, first-time customers will receive a free testmaster of a song 4. After you download the master, simply check and compare it yourself in your usual listening environment 5. When the customer is completely satisfied, an invoice will be sent Of course, it is also possible to attend the mastering session on site! other services: CD-Audio (DDP) Master for press plant (CD Text, ISRC, EAN-Code) STEM Mastering - digital summing STEM Mastering - analog summing (SPL Mixdream) VINYL Mastering (LP, EP, Single) Restoration of old recordings Re-recording/transfers (digitisation) of various kinds


- a matter of trust Since you have invested a lot of time and effort in recording and mixing, you only want to give your data into trustworthy hands. The mix must be understood and continued in an appropriate direction. AlphaMastering has many years of experience in making neutral assessments across various genres and raising the sound to the level of reference. Confidential treatment and secure data handling are of course guaranteed. Final Mixdown export/bounce: 1. No effects in the master channel such as limiter, EQ, maximizer, etc. 2. Keep original sample rate from the start of recording (44.1 - 192kHz) 3. Exporting bit rate should be at least 24bit, better 32bit float 4. STEM-Mastering: the result of all stems must equal the mix 5. Re-check the mix/files before uploading! 5. Pack the mix/files as RAR or ZIP and upload them here You can also upload (almost) finished mixes in advance to get suggestions for changes before the mastering starts. After all, a better mix will result in an even better master.

ALPHAMASTERING - Audio Mastering Studio

The place where the best is brought out of your recording !
PRICING 1 Track € 82,-- CD / Streaming-Master STEM Master + 30% per Stem (group chan.) 2- 6 Tracks € 78,-- per Track VINYL Master + 30% 7-11 Tracks € 74,-- per Track EXTRA Version + 25% (Singles, Playback,…) > 12 Tracks € 71,-- per Track DDP Master € 80,-- per CD Master standard format: CD: WAV 16bit/44.1kHz Streaming : 24bit / 44.1kHz - bis 192kHz Hi-Res Alle prices in Euro inclusive 20% VAT High Resolution Audio, MP3, AAC, MFiT, LUFS on request Payable by bank transfer or PayPal



AlphaMastering Audioproduction Langhalsen 6 4120 Altenfelden Austria +43 (0)660 / 2400 164 Member of the Economic Chamber Upper Austria section: Fv Film- und Musikwirtschaft UID: ATU56636616


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